Bringing Science and Medicine Through All-Natural Honey

The Foundation

Our History

How many of us have dreams? All of us! The question becomes, “who has acted upon those dreams?” Our founder, Charles Berg has had many such dreams, all from the Holy Spirit. Time and again these dreams have shown Charles how to take 100% pure natural honey, and transform it into a medical device. Imagine being able to harness all the natural healing abilities of honey without the “sticky.” Imagine being able to get a US Patent for the scientific process.

Some 10 years ago, while on duty as a Fresno, California firefighter, Charles suffered a life changing on the job injury. In the years of rehab which included several years wheelchair bound, Charles never lost his motivation to see a medical advancement using honey. He sought out knowledgeable people who understood honey, and began doing trial and error applications. Some success was achieved by finding a utility of honey in the horticultural arena, a fungal application using honey.

It was not until Charles was able to find a process to make honey into a human “medical device” that growth started. Which has since been patented. But what was missing was an operational person able to move the inventions towards governmental licensing and marketing.

We now stand on the cusp of bringing many medical advances to market. We hope you will join us, as our goal is to become the largest employer in Oregon while seeing “Big Pharma” take a back seat as we deliver our end products in an ethical way.

We are truly angered by the level of governmental regulations which deprive individuals from being able to choose natural and effective ways to care for all their dermatological needs.

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Our Team

Charles Berg: No doubt exists that our founder, Charles Berg, is our version of “Mr. Science.” He looks forward to having coffee with anyone with a Holy Spirit download for the purpose of helping develop new and natural ways to improve our health.

Robert and Maria Berg (not pictured): Brother and sister-in-law to Robert. Robert towers over Charles even though Robert is the “little brother.” Both are involved in the actions of the Executive Board.

Ken and Ria Cuyler: These two met Charles in a bible study several years ago and an immediate friendship took place. It was at the urging of Ken that 501(c)(3) status was achieved. And it is the constant prayers and intercession of Ria which keeps the operation on the solid rock!
You will notice we do NOT put alphabet soup after our names!

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Our Purpose

  1. To make and distribute effective and inexpensive bleeding control bandages, burn and wound care products that are also disinfecting and natural, and fungal control including killing of fungal spores; all made from honey.
  2. To protect against the transmission of infection and provide education and implementation of safe measures to protect and prevent the spread of infectious disease within the medical system and safe products made with the healing powers of natural honey.

Our patented scientific process uses the natural properties of honey to safely clean, disinfect and heal burns, cuts, injuries and open wounds while sanitizing and disinfecting.

Be a part of the process through donating, innovation or support through the medical community.

Our Operating Plan

  1. To develop partnerships with organizations and institutions willing to join us in all necessary testing for industry required certifications.
  2. Following certifications, bring our US Patented “Honey Based Biocide” protocol to the medical community for application in all institutional settings.
  3. An off-shoot of our “Honey Based Biocide” protocol is the discovery of a very easy process to ELIMINATE the varroa destructor (parasite responsible for honey bee colony collapse.) We are positioned to immediately deliver the amazing benefits to the honey bee community.
  4. Our Foundation will also be an incubator to assist others with emerging discoveries seeking help to move forward.
  5. Once we realized the power of our discovery, we began marketing it into retail brick and mortar stores as a “cosmetic.” Thus, our operating plan now has dual channels: 501(c)(3) Foundation (for research / testing) and; for-profit LLC selling via web and retail our “cosmetic” applications.

Come and join us as we send Big Pharma running to hide!

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