Science of Medical Honey

a group of bees in a beehive

Science of Medical Honey

Medical Honey? For thousands of years, Honey has been harvested, eaten and used in medicine food preservation. Today some of the most seriously infected wounds and burns are treated using honey, when other more expensive medications fail. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognizes this inherent biocidal property in honey as an anaerobic carbohydrate that nothing can live in or on its surface. Honey requires no refrigeration and keeps on the shelf forever. The American Plastic surgery advisory board describes honey as “one of the more effective means of controlling topical diseases and healing wounds.”

Medical HoneyHoney was traditionally used to fight infection up until around the early 20th century. Around this time, honey was forgotten and predominantly replaced with penicillin, but is now regaining its former popularity as the world continues to become more conscious to the dangers of pharmaceutical drug use (which now kill more individuals per year than traffic accidents. Of course, it was the excess usage of pharmaceutical drugs that have in many cases spawned the resistant strains in the first place, and the same antibiotics that have now been linked to health conditions ranging from mental illness to metabolic syndrome.

Honey Science and Research

Through the benefit of U.S. patent #10,201,163 B1 “Honey based biocide”; U.S. patent pending #14/798229 “Biocidal composition”; U.S. patent #62/102,929 “Honeybee Hygienic response”; this company and its primary participants have been actively involved in the pursuit of a more natural and chemical free approach to healing and the prevention of the spread of disease through the support and understanding of the honeybee as a pollinator and creator of naturally occurring cures with Honey, Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly. We are very dedicated to the safety and preservation of the honeybee and of indigenous pollinators. Much of our work is coordinated through university programs involving the study of Apiary science and Varroa mite eradication. The scientific discoveries made and granted through these patents verify many of the medical discoveries found in the use of Honey as a powerful healing agent and its antimicrobial properties taking it to the next level. Through rapid supersaturation and crystallization of these carbohydrate crystals, the honey powder is then paired with base earth salts to create positive and negatively charged Piezoelectric crystals known as “biocidal Piezoelectric crystals.” Through a patented process of bonding base crystal salts with the dry acidic honey crystals, the two components store together as a potential reactive charge, released when introduced to water or a biologic source. This is because the action held within the electrostatic crystals makes them PH neutral, hygroscopic as well as biocidal.

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A Firefighter for over 30 years, 15 years as a paramedic with degrees in occupational safety and health as well as Management and business. Excelled in chemistry and biology with interest in ancient cultures and anthropology.

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