Honey For Health


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Groundbreaking Research​

Containing only the natural sugars in honey and bonded to a saline molecule, our medical and cosmetic products are 100% safe, natural and effective. Our U.S. patented sciences and technologies create medical products from any type of pure natural honey. They also reflect our dedication to quality, sustainability and a commitment to shaping the future of honey-centric offerings.

Our Patents

  • Patent #U.S. 10201163B1
  • Patent #U.S. 10750751
  • Patent #U.S. 16/059,351
  • Patent Pending #U.S. 14/798229

Additional Information​

There’s a lot to learn about the underlying science concerning honey and its ability to heal. We have included links to useful information to help you understand just how powerful our inventions are.
  1. Over-the-counter/cosmetic focus
  2. Medical, research and scientific focus
Thick and supersaturated, Zitavex honey acts like a spray-on bandage that stops bleeding while sealing burns and making an antiseptic, anaerobic barrier. In the hands of a doctor, paramedic or first responder, this honey bandage can be a miracle during emergencies or even wartime. Once applied, a Zitavex honey bandage does not need to be removed until the patient arrives at a treatment facility. It can be applied and reapplied as often as necessary in the field and simply washed off with water. In special applications, supersaturated honey can be made as hard and flexible as hard taffy, allowing honey sutures to seal surgical and wound openings (without scarring or infecting).
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