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Healthy, Not Harmful

Are you tired of fighting Big Pharma, inflated prices and treatments that simply don’t work? So are we! That’s why we created a suite of safe, proven and effective skincare, wound care and burn care products that actually work.

Our sprays, powders, personal wipes and pet care products can help improve your health and daily life. No more unnecessary medical appointments, prescriptions or hassles — just products you can use at your leisure to help with different skin ailments, and fight against bacteria, viruses and fungal outbreaks including the associated fungal spores.  

Hit a Health Grand Slam

Unlike the big corporations out there, we care about your experience when using our products. We want you to have access to medical treatments that are safe and effective. We use our own products daily, so we’ve experienced the fast improvements they provide!

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Our Ingredients

We use all natural ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals, perfumes, dyes, aluminum, zinc, iron or menthol.

100% pure honey (crystalized)

100% pure honey (crystalized)

Used for thousands of years to soothe burns, cuts and abrasions, our patented honey crystal takes “healing with honey” to the next level. Antiseptic and disinfecting, crystalized honey can stop bleeding and prevent infection in serious injuries like bullet wounds, burns and amputations.
Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

When used in a water-based solution or as an ingredient in skincare products, witch hazel can help soothe minor skin problems, such as acne, bug bites and hemorrhoids.
Other ingredients: Table salt (crystalized), Cornstarch, Arrowroot, Isopropyl

Our Products at Work

Interested in Higher Quantities?

We are able to serve industries where you would need to get larger quantities of our products. Please contact us so we can discuss and fill your needs.

Wholesale Products

Unlock the potential of your business with Zitavex products! By offering our high-quality merchandise, you can enhance your offerings and cater to customer demand for high quality, all natural, safe and effective honey-based products.

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